Ground videography

We enjoy creating. We revel in light, colours, and composition.
We love video production which makes our work very fulfilling for us.
We find space for creativityin virtually every film genre, be it a commercial spot, a report, or a company presentation spot.

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We specialize in creating commercial videos aiming at attracting and effectively addressing the target group.We will provide a complete video production for you. We will present the strong sidesof your projectsin the “best light possible”. We are capable of buildingupon your existing idea, developing it, or offering our own creative ideas of an original way of standing out from competitors.

Some of our most frequent audio-visual works are:

Presentation film – Efficient promotionfor manufacturing companies, cities, and towns.

Image video –  A short attractiveclip with background music and modern visual effects and graphics.
Product video – Presenting a product or service in an interesting and emotional manner creating trust and personal contact.
Time-lapse video – Presenting long time periods in a short interval; ideal for monitoring constructions.
Reports – Recordings from corporate, cultural, sporting, and social events (conferences, presentations, exhibitions, fairs).
Recruitment video –  Attracts potentialcandidates. It shows the offered benefits, work environment, and the tasks which they will perform.
Instructional video – Comprehensive information on technologies, production, assembly, products and their use.
Commercial TV spot – The most efficient form of presentation in terms of creating a strong brand awareness.
– All-inclusive production of documentary films and series. Presenting and documenting the reality.

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