Aerial Videography

Our equipment allows us to get to places where planes and helicopters do not stand a chance. We are capable of recording breath-taking shots impossible to shoot using the common aviation technology.

Our services may be used for the following applications:
company presentations, presentations of cities and towns, cultural andsporting events, building constructions, traffic monitoring.

We usemodern technologiesrepresented by a professional dronefitted with a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor capable of shooting videos of resolutions up to 4K/60fps. Unlike helicopters or airplanes, drones provide unlimited field of vision for the camera, accurate control thanks to GPS, shake-free shots, operation in restricted areas and a take-off altitude of 300 m.

We fly also in interiors if safe fly zone is provided.
We are capable of live aerial broadcastingwhich will add to the attractiveness of your social or sporting event.

We perform aerial works in compliance with applicable laws and apply all safety measures.
Prior to any flight over densely populated, we have to contact the civil aviation authority and obtain a permit from the owners of the grounds from which the drone will start.
It is therefore necessary to plan orders with a sufficient advance.

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